Specialty Classes and Programs | Manassas Christian School

Our challenging curriculum exceeds the S.O.L's mandated by the state of Virginia and is enhanced through our specialty classes.



Music not only soothes the soul, but also builds the brain. Our music teacher designs the weekly program to meet the developmental skills of each class which includes singing, reading, and writing music, instrument experience and recital skills.  This teacher plans and develops our Christmas program as well as our graduation event in June.  Instrumental music instruction is available to our students as an after-school activity.  Fees are charged monthly. 



Spanish is our language of exploration for our kindergarten through third grade students.  They may opt to continue this learning through eighth grade.  The teacher incorporates speaking, reading, and writing skills with hands-on and computer assisted activities.  Spanish culture is incorporated into every lesson with field trips planned for program enrichment.



Students may choose German instruction in the Third grade as their foreign language component.  The teacher designs her weekly class to practice conversation, vocabulary, writing, and reading while integrating German culture and history.  German language field trips enrich and enhance our student's learning.



Our computer lab is the IT hub of the school, utilized on a weekly basis for instructional classes, classroom teacher support, foreign language practice, individual student research and information processing. Keyboarding, spreadsheet and presentation design, data management, graphic arts and research skills are developed under the guidance of our technology specialist.  Document cameras, response buttons, and Smart Boards keep teachers on the cutting edge of technology.



Physical Education:

Healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy spirits are the focus of our physical education program.  Lead by our specialty teacher / sports coach, the students improve and enchance their physical skills, while building their confidence and teamwork abilities.  The President's Physical Fitness Challenge is conducted every fall and spring to assess student's abilities.




Creativity is fostered while technique is taught in our bi-weekly art class. Our teacher encourages the students to use their imagination, access inspiration and develop their creativity while expressing themselves through a variety of art mediums and styles.  Student work is displayed throughout the school.  The Spring Art Show spotlights student projects from the school year.



Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is our reading support program that encourages independent reading while developing comprehension skills. Students are evaluated three times a year using the STAR assessment to determine their reading development zone. Students then select literature within their zone to read. Upon completion of each book, they test their comprehension via computer. Scores are reviewed to determine progress as well as to earn classroom privileges.

School Library

Our library is the informational hub of the school whether the student is seeking a resource book, favorite author, or an Accelerated Reader. Our librarian manages its circulation and database and provides guidance to our students during their library class and open library time.

Science Program

The scientific method is the core of our science program and is developed not only through classroom activities, but also through laboratory experiences. Each class works in the science lab twice a month, exploring their current science concepts. The students’ lab experience is developed further through our Science Fair in the spring. All students, from kindergarten through middle school, demonstrate their understanding of the scientific method through age and experience appropriate science investigations.

Real World Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum is enhanced by two school-wide history presentations; The Walk Through History, and The Wax Museum. Presented in the spring, both events make history come alive for the students and their families.

Walk Through History

Each class spends a month immersed in a historical period of their social studies curriculum, using a variety of materials and approaches to study this history. The culminating activity is our Walk Through History, where each class transforms their classroom into the time period, replicating the culture of their chosen historical event. Every student visits every classroom and participates in specially prepared activities. Students have experienced ancient Rome and Greece, Colonial Virginia, China, Africa, and the contemporary 60’s.

Wax Museum

The climax of our middle school students’ year long research project is The Wax Museum. Beginning in the fall, sixth grade students select a mathematician to research, the seventh grade students select a scientist, and the eighth grade students select a historical figure. Throughout the year, they utilize their research, writing, public speaking and theatrical skills to plan and present a 3 minute, dramatic, first person narrative on their selected figure. Dressed as their topic, they present their narrative on demand to students and parents who visit The Wax Museum in the spring.

Instrumental Music Program

Our instrumental music program is conducted after school three days a week by Mr. Chris Huppach, our music specialist. Student concerts are planned throughout the school year. Fees and lesson schedules for keyboard and strings are available from the school office.


The mission of Manassas Christian School is to provide our students with successful learning opportunities in a Christian environment. These opportunities are designed to meet the individual needs of our students as we prepare them to become responsible citizens and valued members of our community.  




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