Robotics Program | Manassas Christian School

Students at Manassas Christian School have the opportunity to study robotics, learning the principals of engineering and applying math and computer programming to solve problems.

LEGO WeDo (Kindergarten – 3rd Grade)

The LEGO WeDo program uses Lego elements to build a wide range of small models that students can then animate using motors and sensors.  Moving airplanes, soccer players, see-saws, and much more can be created by the students.

WeDo is offered as an after school club to Kindergarten – 3rd Grade students.

FirstLEGO League (4th – 5th Grade)

The First LEGO League program is a competitive, team based activity where students work with their team to develop a robot using the LEGO Mindstorms system that is capable of participating in a themed challenge.  Each year, students are given a challenge with real world applications.  In addition to building a robot to participate in this challenge, students are also required to research a real world issue and develop an innovative solution.  Students not only build, program, and research, but also learn to work with their peers through collaboration, understand teamwork, and develop an understanding of the First core value.

Manassas Christian School has been participating in the FLL program for four seasons now.  It is run as an after school club for 4th and 5th graders.  We are very proud to have had a team invited to the VA/DC FLL Championships.  We are looking forward to next year’s challenge, World Class, which deals with education.

VEX Robotics (Middle School)

The VEX Robotics program is a competitive, team based robotics class taught to Middle School students who are talented in Technology, Math, and Science.  Teams of students work together to design, build, program, and test a robot using the VEX Design System.  These robots then participate in a competition organized by the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation.  Students must program their robot to use sensors and mechanisms allowing it to work autonomously and also work together to remotely control their robot in competition.  Focus in this program is put on the design process, good building practices, safety, and strategy.

Students in this program meet daily as a class, where they build, program, document, and practice using the robots they created.  We participate in several weekend competitions throughout the state.  We are in our third season of VEX Robotics and we have been very fortunate to have been invited to the VEX Robotics Middle School World Championship in Anaheim, CA for two years in a row.  Additionally, we will be attending the 1st Annual Virginia State Tournament this year.