Middle School Program | Manassas Christian School

The middle school staff is committed to meet our students’ expansive learning needs, through small class instruction, ability- leveled curriculum, individual tutoring and a strong home and school connection. Teachers communicate with parents on a daily basis via e-mail, as well as phone. Teachers post daily homework, long-term projects, and classroom news on their website, along with grades in real time. The teachers conduct ‘Homework Club”, Monday through Thursday after school for students who need help with their work, and also formal test preparation classes the day prior to subject testing. On-going criteria-referenced testing and standardized testing enable us to identify skills, plan instruction and track progress. The middle school students are our student leaders and mentors, conducting the student council, reading with our primary grade students, participating in team sports, and supporting the community through personal and school based service projects. Our graduates have been accepted to specialty high schools throughout the Northern Virginia area, as well as International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement programs.

Quality Components:

  • Teacher/Student ratio of 1/16.
  • Team-taught curriculum.
  • Skill-level learning groups.
  • Non-denominational bible study program with weekly devotionals.
  • Specialized math classes, including Algebra .I
  • Same sex class for physical education, art and technology
  • Literature based reading program.
  • Developmental spelling program.
  • Vocabulary development and enrichment instruction,
  • Process-oriented writing.
  • Accelerated Reader Program.
  • Lab-based science program.
  • Social Studies program which encompasses American and world history and government.
  • Computer assisted instruction via the school computer network.

Homework Policy:

Homework is designed to provide meaningful practice and review of the student’s academic day, while providing parents an on-going overview of the curriculum. Homework will not be assigned from every subject area each evening. Our middle school staff plans their homework tasks to be completed within a 1-2 hour time period and post the assignments on their website:

Field Trips:

Field trips are planned by the middle school team to enhance and enrich the students’ learning experiences. Signature trips include Hemlock Overlook, The Kennedy Center, The Library of Congress and the Capitol.

The middle school students conduct a year-long fundraising campaign to finance their unique spring trip. Eighth grade students work towards a three day trip while the sixth and seventh grade students focus on a one day trip. Our eighth graders have visited New York City, Atlanta, and Williamsburg, while our sixth and seventh graders have spent the day visiting sites of interest in Washington, D.C.


The mission of Manassas Christian School is to provide our students with successful learning opportunities in a Christian environment. These opportunities are designed to meet the individual needs of our students as we prepare them to become responsible citizens and valued members of our community.  




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