Elementary Program | Manassas Christian School

We set high standards for our elementary students and provide the instruction, support and home-school connection to help every child achieve. Our goal is to develop the student’s life-long interest in, responsibility to, and independence with learning. Our small class size with a teacher/student ratio of 1/16 is the foundation of our goal. Each day begins with Morning Meeting, which builds not only listening, speaking and reading skills, but also respect, acceptance and problem solving abilities. We utilize standardized and curriculum-based testing to determine the individual learning needs of our students and to monitor their growth. At any given time, you can observe teachers conducting whole group, small group and one-on-one instruction. This individualization of the student’s educational program is our hallmark. Our curriculum is based upon the Virginia Standards of Learning and exceeds those standards for all programs.


Quality Components:

  • Teacher/Student ratio of 1/16.
  • Teacher website and access to student grades in real time.
  • Non-denominational bible study program with weekly devotional.
  • Phonics –based reading program in kindergarten through second grade.
  • Literature-based reading program in third through fifth grade.
  • Cross-classroom ability leveled reading instruction.
  • Accelerated Reader Program.
  • Developmental spelling program.
  • Daily writing activities for personal journals and student publication.
  • Computer-assisted instruction via the school computer network.
  • Hands-on approach to learning mathematical concepts and operations.
  • Science concepts developed and explored in the classroom and the science lab.
  • Social Studies concepts encompass the family, community, country and world.

Homework Policy:

Homework is designed to provide meaningful practice and review of the student’s academic day, while providing parents an on-going overview of the curriculum. Teachers plan homework tasks within the following time frames and post the assignments on their website:


10 minutes

Third Grade

30-45 minutes

First Grade

10-15 minutes

Fourth Grade

40-60 minutes

Second Grade

20-30 minutes

Fifth Grade

50-75 minutes

Field Trips and Special Events:

Field trips are planned each year by the teacher to enrich and expand our students’ learning experiences. Signature trips include The White House, Luray Caverns, and Mount Vernon and access to stage events at The Kennedy Center and Patriot Center. In house events are a regular part of the school year, with visitors from foreign countries, storytellers and authors enhancing the learning experience.


The mission of Manassas Christian School is to provide our students with successful learning opportunities in a Christian environment. These opportunities are designed to meet the individual needs of our students as we prepare them to become responsible citizens and valued members of our community.  




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