Bible Curriculum Program | Manassas Christian School | Virginia

Our Bible Curriculum Program at Manassas Christian School is non-denominational in its content and developmental in design. Standard Publishing’s Biblical Choices provides the curriculum for our kindergarten and first grade. The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) bible curriculum is used in the second through eighth grades. In both programs, weekly bible verses provide the instructional theme. These verses are memorized by our students to help them understand and appreciate God’s word.

Bible instruction begins with familiar bible stories and expands into God’s gifts to us. Character traits are studied through the lives of the Old Testament prophets. Bible doctrine begins in the third grade and continues in the fourth grade. An extended study of the Old Testament is presented in the fifth grade.

The study of the New Testament begins in the sixth grade. The seventh grade program focuses on the gifts and prophecies of biblical leaders, while the eighth grade program studies God’s nature and character.

Our Friday devotional engages our student body in the sharing of bible verses, songs and prayers, while also testifying to God’s love for us, and asking for His help in our daily lives. Special needs and intentions are also shared at the devotional.